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Bankhead Railway Services, Inc. has served the railroad industry for well over 50 years. Starting with Southern Railroad in the late 1950's and early 1960's, Bankhead assisted with the building of Inman Yard in Atlanta, a key hump yard for the now Norfolk Southern Corporation. A few years later, Bankhead participated in the building of the Macon Hump Yard and obtained Southern's field electric welding contract in 1959. In the 1960's Bankhead was awarded the Southern Railroad System thermite welding contract. These contracts have continued and are presently still active with NS. In addition, Bankhead has expanded its operations serving many of the Class 1 Railroads, Short Lines, Transit Systems and major Railroad Contractors in the United States.

Glenn Taylor was the founder of the Bankhead Companies and was active until his death in 2006. One of his daughters, Glenda Taylor Cole, joined Bankhead in 1997 and serves as President. Another daughter, Janice Taylor Scott, is the Corporate Secretary. Management personnel responsible for the various railroad contracts report to Allen Roberts for field operations or Ronnie Robinson for the Atlanta operations. Most of our supervisors have "come up through the ranks" acquiring their experience in the field.

Our thermite welding and electric welding trucks are specifically designed in our facility for their applications. They are built to accommodate the services we provide and to handle the necessary tools and material. Our field crews are led by experienced foremen capable of directing the day to day work in coordination with the responsible Railroad or project Supervisor.

Bankhead meets all of the quality and safety standards of the Class 1 and Transit Railroads and all field employees have passed E-railsafe testing and background checks. Crews start with daily safety meetings and we sponsor our own annual safety meetings to conduct "On-Track Safety for Contractor Roadway Workers" training and any other training as required by our customers. We reward our crewmembers that have had an accident-free year.